Garden Design Edinburgh

Our aim is to improve connections between people and places. We do this by providing elegant and innovative design solutions for gardens and outdoor spaces throughout Edinburgh and Scotland.

From our garden design studio in Edinburgh, we’ve assembled an experienced team of garden designers, landscape architects, and landscape managers. We have the skills required to blur the boundary between practical hindrances and aesthetic character, resulting in finished landscapes which belie the efficiency by which they are achieved. Garden design Edinburgh is our main service we specialise in among all others. We believe that the ability to ‘snow-ball’ innovation is the key to providing the best design solutions for our clients.

Establishing a connection with your outdoor space is about starting a process which will last years, and it pays to get off to the best possible start. But that’s not all we can do. Once your garden or outdoor space is complete, we’ll provide a tailored maintenance programme to make sure our creation reaches and maintain its full potential. We guarantee that your investment in our design services will pay for itself for years to come. Edinburgh garden design is a concept we are incredibly passionate about.


Garden Design Glasgow

We provide creative, adaptable and holistic solutions for the nuance of gardens and outdoor spaces emerging all over modern day Scotland. Our team has provided design solutions for a wide range of gardens and outdoor spaces, from prestigious show garden events to high profile public projects. We’ve pooled these experiences in order to create elegant design solutions which are as robust as they are beautiful. Although we’re based in Edinburgh, we’ll happily take on commissions from the Glasgow area.

We source plants and materials which will evoke the character inherent in the surrounding landscape. Our business is structured to help you find the best local contractors to carry out your installations, wherever you are based. And you’ll have all the access you need to our design team right up until project completion. If your project requires that extra attention to detail, we can offer a range of project management services in order to provide on-site and remote project supervision. Our location on the edge of Edinburgh, close to the M8, M9, M90, and Edinburgh City Bypass means we can attend the majority of the projects we undertake in under an hour. Whether your garden is on the east coast, in the central belt or in the heart of Edinburgh or Glasgow; we’ll dedicate our studio’s skill sets to your needs, as well as the needs of your environment.


Garden Design Scotland

Successful landscape design is an affirmation of science and art. And whilst inspiration comes naturally to our designers, we’ve built up an evidence-based skills set over a sustained period of time. All of our designers have dedicated themselves to achieving the most contemporary landscape qualifications available in Scotland. These include attainments in garden design, landscape architecture, horticulture, ecology, project management, and surveying. And we’re still learning. This ongoing commitment means we are uniquely placed to improve connections between people and places throughout Scotland.

We’re proud to be one of the first landscape design practices in the Scotland to fuse our own artistic talent with contemporary landscape science. Our team has designed and managed the creation of: Community gardens in Dumfriesshire; Cemeteries in South Lanarkshire; Roof gardens in Edinburgh; Greenspaces in Glasgow; Country parks in the Scottish Borders; and gardens everywhere in between. The variety of projects we undertake throughout Scotland enables us to snowball innovation. We’ve bolstered our garden design practices with the value management of landscape architecture, and we bring a sensitive approach to the sorts of communal projects normally implemented by larger practices. We relish the responsibility which comes with creating the scenery to everyday life, both in terms of our clients’ requirements and those of the wider environment. Here at Outlandish Design we are specialists at garden design Edinburgh. And other areas of Scotland too.